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Made Ya Look Records

  • Egon's Unicat is almost finished recording first full length !!!  
  • A show has been added starring Dancing Nancies and Egon's Unicat !!!
  • Egon's Acousticat: Volume 1 is now available !!!
  • !!!
  • The Company has RETURNED !!!
  • So have I !!!
  • The Locale Issue Five is looking for contributions !!!

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Welcome to Made Ya Look Records
We hope you take a moment to explore and enjoy the many talents that are represented on the label  


Made Ya Look* records, founded in May of 2001, is a home-grown label straight out of the corn fields of LaSalle. Built around the fundamentals of the Do-It-Yourself attitude, Amanda Gruenwald has discovered the key to keeping the L-P-O music scene open and aware is to provide for the kids access to the wide assortment of music being played in garages and basements throughout the area. The main platform on which the label was built is one with clear objectives: keep things simple, affordable, fresh, and FUN! Opportunity lies in all directions for the local music makers as *Made Ya Look* records keeps a perked ear in constant search for new, exciting sounds

UPDATED: 2/9/04

The Locale: Issue Four is now available!! Compiled and edited by Mikl Vittone, it is fantastically fun and for the bargain price of $1 you too can enjoy it in all its awesomeness! 
For more information, please contact:
Say what? You didn't buy THE LOCALE: Issue Three yet? Click below for some snibbits!!

The Locale