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Made Ya Look Records
Street Team

OPERATION: Clone Abe Lincoln

The best form of promotion is by word of mouth. Tell those you think would be interested about the show. Tell those you think might not be interested... you could be surprised!! Take the oppertunity to enlighten someone!

We want fun, enthusiastic, sincere people to help us promote MYL activites and releases! This would include passing out flyers, helping at shows, and helping us distribute and sell releases. By helping out, you will be awarded with fun things. We promise!

If you are interestesd please send us an e-mail with some background information. Tell us why you want to help and if you are willing to work hard.

I want to be a team player!


 Help get the word out about contributing to The Locale... We are looking for ANYTHING creative, be it reviews, stories, poems or pictures!
Promote the show on May 21... Make yer own flyers, and make em extra sexy! Check out the SHOWS page for all the seductive details.
Start some killer hype for Egon's Unicat's new album... and The Dancing Nancys too!!!

The Hong Kong Electric Company wants you to make them gods basically. So get working on those fan web pages and golden statues.


Dan Collins IS the MYL Street Team!