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Muwahahaa... lifted (without permission!!) right out of the Abe Lincoln Might Have Been Here web site:
Hey folks.  The Dancing Nancies friggin' rock!  They played an amazing set Saturday night at the Cancun.  It was my first DN experience and it completely blew me away.  After listening to their performance, I get the feeling they challenge themselves creatively when they write and perform.  Continuing the magic was Egon's Unicat.  The great thing about Unicat is their ability to go punk, alt, and thrash metal in the matter of one set. More singers need to add had motions to their performance, it's cute.  Finally, the Others reminded everyone that music doesn't have to make you feel good about life.  I'd like to hear bands like The Others take over popular music and give the cute-sad-but-punk kiddies a swift kick in their Hot Topic pants.

What did YOU think of The Hong Kong Electric Company's Christmas release
"New Years is Gonna be a Killer" ??

"It's a lil' goofy... not memorable enough really..."
--Anson, Princton

"This album ruined my Christmas... and has possibly ruined all of 2003 as well..."
--Amanda, LaSalle

"It was probably good."
--Joe, Princton

"This album was like a big fat hunk of coal under my christmas brought a tear to my eye at the realization of how truly heartless the men from the Hong Kong Electric Company actually are..."
--Kevin, Peru

"Is Hong Kong promoting holiday drinking?"
--Jared, Oglesby

A look at The Hong Kong Electric Company playing for Charity: A REVIEW OF CHEWY GUM Fest
By-Dan COllins........ to be posted shortly.

SHOW: Saturday, September 21
*Scheduled for The Cancun in Ladd but abruptly relocated to Mike Tripke's basement*
Dan Kelly
Rebekah's Tape

Can I get a statement from you... on what you thought about the whole experience last night at the show?

Kevin Kramer:"It was pretty awesome for being a quickly put together thing, and dan kelly is a genius."

Paul Pleiss:"I think it is amazing that the scene was able to take a broken night and turn it into one of the most interesting shows ever. the ability to turn a bust into a bang! it shows how strong the scene is and the unity that was shown. imagine, a kid welcomes the entire scene into his basement risking chaos. and then having the scene respond by keeping things from getting broken. the show was high energy, the crowd was high energy, and everthing remained intact. unity my friend, i loved the show."

Dan Collins: "The show was excellent.... no exaggeration... a wonderful ensemble of music, cascading throughout the basement of [Mike]Tripke."

Matt Maggio: "It was pretty brutal...hong kong and rebekahs tape tore it up."

Mike Vittone:"I felt as if I was in a movie making the spontaneous trip to keep the show alive. There was a warm feeling inside of me when I saw the vans full of equipment and people making the long journey to show their support for the local music scene."

Bettianne Kelly:"I've now remembered what a care free good time the shows are--me and abby missed them, we had a good time."
Note: Bettianne IS IN FACT Dan Kelly's niece.

Cory Bengtsen :"An absolutely unpredictable night. At first we were filled with so much anger and frustration about Cancun. but then we got really lucky with Tripke and his awesome basement and from there it was the most exciting, happy, wacky, show i've experienced in a long long time.


Friday April 12th, 2002
The Cancun
Ladd, IL.

the hong kong electric company
5:30 - 6:15pm

The day was April the Twelfth. The place was the Cancun Bar and Restaurant in Ladd, Illinois. The setting: two crazy men in denim, work clothes, and cheap aviator look-a-likes standing in front of a monstrosity of keyboards. They are not what most people think, they are not the Hong Kong Electric Company. For they are The Electric Com for one night only. The set begins and so does the laughter. The crowd enjoys the youthful discrepancy and childish antics put on by these fighters of freedom. The break-dancing circle is a failure and results in the insulting of the crowd by the performers. The Electric Com play their best known songs and break out new material that stuns the crowd and makes them smile and laugh. The show reaches its pinnacle when low and behold the keyboard man himself who was once mocked by his fellow band mate earlier in the show arrives in army fatigue and a rifle. The denim clad foe tries his best to out run this hunter but only fails outside and is shot down and beaten to death by a man all thought to be his friend. The end to a perfect act.

Dublo Seven

Does Dublo Seven have pop star looks? No. Do they sound like pop stars? No. Do they dress like pop stars? No. Do they like having pop stars dance on their stage for them? Yes. This new set of punk rockers from the streets of Peru has found the key to becoming enjoyable in the area: having fun. Dublo Seven performed about a dozen songs on Friday the Twelfth and were quite good for what can be said to be their first big public appearance. They set the show up themselves and did a good job at that too. The set list, which featured good fast rock from some good bands such as the Conways and ATM and old school Blink 182, was a hit with the crowd. Despite being somewhat new to the scene they showed no fear on stage and went all out performing and I was pleased with what I saw. This will not be the last that we see of Dublo Seven; I can assure you my friends. Keep looking and keep watching as these boys continue their search for that one true pop star to come and dance with them on stage.


"I just put up an away message telling everyone to by your CD and I haven't even heard it yet!"
--Margaret Carter
"I want one."
--Jeff Manfredini
"I absolutely loved it!"
-- Elyse Ketter
"Best album ever."
-- Pat Cullinan
"Wanna know what the greatest song ever is?...The Pool Song...I couldn't stop laughing!!"
-- Amanda Hansen
"I was dissapointed that the Linkin' Park song wasn't on there."
--Scott Uranich
"That Mr.Quick song is the funniest fucking thing ever."
-- Ryan McPhedron
"You guys are so nutty, I don't believe this."
-- Justin Ernat
"This album wasn't made for enjoyment, this album was made to ruin lives."
-- Matt Tromboner

All April 12th Reviews Written By

Michael Vittone