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The Locale

The long awaited Issue Three of The Locale will be available with in the first two weeks of November 2003

The cover will look kinda like this!!


Sporting black HKEC>MUSIC shirts (as a shameless self promotion), red and green uncomfortable to have to look at running shorts and imitation Blue Blockers, Mike Vittone and Sean Walsh of The Hong Kong Electric Company arrived,  unwanted and uninvited to the festivities....

...To find out how the boys of The Company played against the all-girl basketball tournament, check out ISSUE THREE of The Locale!



By Kyle Unzicker


Tuesday was going to be a good day. After school, I was going to head over to Jeremiah Joes in Ottawa to see Flatfoot 56. It was also the day that I had the most homework out of any day of the year so farbut that didnt matter. No siree, I put my homework on hold. Because the power of Oi! called me. It grabbed me by the shirt and said Listen Kyle, you may be a hardcore kid, but this punk band has got something. I have been following this band for quite some time and I soon found out that Flatfoot is very different than your run of the mill pop/corporate/mall punk band (by different I dont mean, Like, omigosh, the dude from Flatfoot is SO much hotter than the dude from Good Charlotte!). Flatfoot 56 is Tobin (guitar, lead vocals), Kyle (bass, vocals), Justin (drums, vocals), and Josh (bagpipes, guitar)....

Want to know more? Kyle covers it all in his exclusive interview in ISSUE THREE of The Locale!!

Friends of Bob:

An Interview with Cole


Sean- Where did the name "Friends of Bob" come from?


Cole- Haha don't ask that one right now, it's kind of a long story that isn't even true. Ask something else to start off with.


Sean- Haha ok. How about the other guys, how did you all become acquainted with playing music together?


Cole- Well Marshall and I had played together in a band called Fiven Dime, along with Chris Kusek and Tim Gatza formerly of SWE. Marshall and I were cousins and had been jamming together for about 3 years, so after Fiven Dime split up we heard about an incoming freshman at SBA named Chris Kelly that was a pretty wild drummer so Marshall and I approached him about jamming. He knew us from Fiven Dime and was willing to give it a shot. I remember our first practice. I think we went over "NIB" by Sabbath and "Keep Away" by Godsmack and then started jamming on what would become our first original which would be called "Warren's Nocturne." We all seemed to get along and were comfortable playing together, so we decided to start up a band.


Sean- You guys ended up writing a lot of originals together right?


See what Cole has to spill about the band, their songs, and how their last show went in Issue Three!!

Cause of JMU Riots Found


After much debate and investigation, the true cause of the riots in the Forest Hills apartment complex where hundreds of JMU students reside has been discovered. The official cause of the riot was a disagreement between police officers that looked to thin out the large party, and a group of young partiers.  When the Policemen came across a group of stragglers, one of the Cops became quickly enraged and immediately asked one particular party go-er to show him some identification looking to write him up.  Singling out the one student, 20 year old Junior Ben Schumin, the Policeman pulled out his nightstick and taped the student on his chest, pointing out that the content of his T Shirt was incorrect and stupid, this lead to a verbal argument that lasted 5 minutes before turning ugly....

What was the argument all about?? To learn, check out The Locale!

Hello Hello!
My friendly readers, Hello! I know it has been a while since the last Issue, and for that I can not say "EEPP I'm hella SORRY!!" enough. The ugly truth behind all the delay is that I am incapable of putting together a good issue if I don't have your support!! "But you totally have our support Amanda!" is what you're going to yell and I know, I know, I know.... buuuuttttt.... I need your contributions! SO... if you know how to make words go into sentences, and you have thoughts about things... whether they are about how you miss The Main Squeeze or how you think pickles are as useful as they are delicious, then please, please, PLEASE send them to me! If you need help, I can help you. If you need ideas, I have them piled up just waiting for ya! If you are afraid, you can use a pen name... hell, I can help you think up a jiggy one! So, in short, The Locale needs your help. All it takes is one little contribution from each of you....
Love and rockets,
Amanda Sioux Gruenwald III  

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