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Old News

Come on baby, this is OLD news!

   It's little silly Amanda, all the way across the sea in merry ol England! I know, its been ages, but I wanted to let everyone know what the dilly o is! I have enlisted the help of my partner in crime Mike Vittone to take over running The Locale. He is a mastermind and will do more with the silly zine than I ever could imagine. If you want to contribute, and I highly suggest that you do, please don't hesitate to contact us! (
   Big news! Egon's Unicat took a flying kitty leap into the snow to record their first full length album. They are still playing around with a title, but I assure you it will rock as much ass as the music on the CD!! Also, they were on the Homegrown show not tooooo long ago and rumor has it they were a hit! Requests for their rad tunes were flowing like wine! Yay! Thank you for your support. MYL is so proud of those cool cats.
  Dublo Seven has changed line-ups and names and everything around so much I don't know whether to scratch my watch or wind my ass. They now go by the name Union Street Jump and I wish them the best of luck in all their endeavors.
   I know I say this more than my own name, but MYL is working (slowly) to start putting together an area comp... and the first on my list is to get my boys The Dancing Nancys to record!! Speaking of which, did you check out the new guy? Did you also love him?
  So, all my lovely lads and ladies. I hear that the shows are far and few between? What's up with that? Naw, I don't mind too much... as long as the shows that do happen are killer crazy awesome jam packed with goodness! The last show there was brilliant... at least that is what a little birdie told me. I hope everyone is well... I miss our music scene so very much...
love and rockets,
Amanda Siouxsie Soo Sue

May 21,2003
I must apologize for my lack of updates lately. I have not been very inspired, so I call out to everyone, INSPIRE ME! I hope this summer many of the new bands will step up and rock out. Be innovative, be original! Distinguish yourself! Find your own sound....
Things in the past few weeks that have inspired me:
  • Dancing Nancy's playing a double wammy... two shows in one night. This is what it's all about: straight up rocking any and all oppertunities to play.
  • S.W.E.'s farewell performance. I love that they knew the time had come to move on, to grow, to tackle new and diffrent projects. Their final show was definatly respected and inspiring. Congratulations on the past three years of rock and roll.
  • A website called "Abe Lincoln Might Have Been Here." Granted anything with Abe Lincoln automatically rocks in my book (Whatever happened to Operation: Clone Abe Lincoln.... I feel abandoned), this is a new website that offers local music, art, theater and other culturally enriching prospects of our scene. Please check it out:
  • Egon's Unicat recorded a three-track demo which is amazing. Not only is their music inspiring, but their drive to test new waters and take such a dedicated approach to making music is refreshing.

At the moment, that is all that pops into my silly little head... which is sad. I wish I could report even more exciting, inspiring news... I think ultimatly that is the challage I put forth to you this summer.... look, work, and strive to inspire.

Summer lovin'......Amanda

P.S. I refuse to release the second issue of The Locale until more people make the effort to contribute. I will NOT allow the zine to become a jumbled collection of only my thoughts. The Locale is YOUR zine... step up to the plate and truly make it your own.


April 27, 2003

Hi pals! There have been some important things going down, lets see here

  • The Locale was released on April 4th and sales have been terrific. I truly appreciate the enthusiasm and it gives me confidence that the zine will be a success. I hope that those who had a chance to look at it enjoyed. There are a very limited number of copies left so if you didnt get yours act quickly.
  • Hong Kong released, to everyones surprise, The Hong Kong Electric Company IS Rebekahs Tape. This is a grand follow up to Hong Kong Again and a must for any fans of the overly dramatic clan.
  • MYL will be releasing a summer compilation. We will most certainly listen to any bands interested in getting a spot on the comp. If you would like to send us a demo, please email me (Amanda) and I will gladly give you all the information.
  • A few more shows have been updated, so be sure to take note.
  • Congratulations to Rebekahs Tape for their C.D. release Rebekahs Tape Is Radiation Flowers and best of luck!
  • Ive gotten some pictures of The Dancing Nancys put up I promise to eventually revamp the entire MYL family photo album.
  • Dublo Seven has shirts for sale as does The Hong Kong Electric Company.

 I think that is all I have for you at the moment. I encourage everyone to try to make it out to the upcoming shows, and send us some feedback via the guest book or message boards.


Peace and unity,


April 2,2003
Hi kids! I have been killer crazy nuts over trying to get The Locale done in time for the show  (Scrouch Fest) on April 4th. I hope that everyone will pick up a copy; I have been pulling my hair out trying to keep cost down so that it will be affordable for everyone. I've also provided a few 'sneak previews' of several articles. If interested, follow the link provided to check them out.
There have been several shows added or updated, so I encourage everyone to check those out.Last month was a bit slower than February, but April appears to be brimming full of rock shows!
In other breif news:
Dublo Seven will have shirts available soon. Pre-orders will be accepted.  Contact any memeber of 007 for more information.
The Hong Kong Electric Company is still working on their new album. It is slightly behind schedule, and is not expected to be ready in time for their next show on April 19th. MYL is looking into putting together a few of the finished tracks and making them available for a few bucks.
Rebekah's Tape is Radiation Flowers, the two-part highly anticipated release will be available April 19th.
That is all I have for you at the moment. I hope to see everyone at some of the upcomming shows.
peace and unity,

March 27,2003
Congratulations to The Dancing Nancies for their first place in the talent show! MYL records is exceedingly proud!

March 17,2003
   Hope everyone's St. Patricks day is filled with shamROCK(s). I've been non-stop working on The Locale and soon enough it will be ready for your reading pleasures. I really encourage anyone who has the ability to form sentences to send something in. The more the merrier. There are two shows set up for March 28th. Crap. Not only are the shows both going to be killer rad, but both of my new bands are diffrent places. I am hoping to work something out where maybe one band can play earlier so there could be a crazy caravan style race to see the other one play later... maybe? Is that mean to leave one show to go to another? I dont know...maybe expensive? Ha. Oh~ The Hong Kong Electric Company is in the studio recording their latest album. I will get back at you as soon as they release what that name is going to be. Also there is a show in April I think where HKEC will be rockin; I will find out all the info in due time. Just rock....
Peace and unity,

March 3,2003
On February 28th at The Cancun in Ladd MYL intended on simply discussing an addition,The Dancing Nancies, to the label. Before our talk began however, we found ourselves clustered intently focused on the foursome taking the stage. While listening to the new, all-girl band, Mandel est tayte, it got our musically excitable juices flowing and it was quickly arrived upon that not only would we be asking The Dancing Nancies to hop aboard our rock and roll train that night, but that we would also extend the offer to Mandel est tayte!
After 2.3 minutes of asking the girls to sign, celebrated hugs and tears of excitment filled The Cancun as they readily accepted the offer. In the midst of  pictures flashing and congratulation flinging, MYL gathered The Dancing Nancies and threw out an offer to sign as well. It was all but a quarter of a minute later that the Princton-rooted band was officially part of the ever growing MYL clan.
An assortment of handshakes and flashing pictures overwhelmed me as I sank to the floor in an amazing state of euphoric bliss. In a moments time, shooting before my eyes was everything I had pictured MYL being when I first started the label two years ago. The excitement made my heart thump just a little bit quicker as I rested content on back wall of The Cancun with the realiziation that my little record label now has an abundance of talented musicians. I could never thank them enough for sharing their brilliance and allowing MYL records to be a small part of their exciting talent.

  • The Hong Kong Electric Company is starting the productions of a new album.
  • The Shadow Dancers is back for the attack with new member, Kevin Krammer.
  • The first issue of The Locale is expected to be available for purchase the 2nd week in March!!
  • Dublo Seven's e.p. "Cheaper Than a Crack Whore" is selling well and still available for anyone interested in purchasing it.
  • S.W.E. still has t-shirts available in select sizes.

February 13, 2003
Hi! Sorry about the delay, I've been having some major computer melt downs which happens to be ruining all of my plans...eeerrr.
I hope that everyone will be able to make it out to the show tomarrow...the line up is huge.
I also hope that everyone has picked up the Dublo Seven release... and while we are on it, SEND ME SOME REVIEWS! Did you hate it? Love it? Huh?  ALSO... SWE has T-shirts for sale: $10
They say "SWE Rock and Roll: Illinois Style" and they come in a variety of colors. I have a buncho junko to share but my computer will be kicking me off in approximatly 2.4 minutes. Sorry. Take it easy, and SMOOTCH! (Happy Valentine's Day!!)
love and rockets,

Tuesday, January 21,2003
Happy new year!
There have been a bagillion maxamillion shows going on lately!! I have been seeing a ton of new faces which is really swell. I just have a few hot news action to share....

Finally after a year of waiting, DUBLO SEVEN has finished recorded their first album. Spending all of their Martin Luther King Jr. Day-Off-Of-School working to complete it, "Cheaper Than a Crack Whore" will be available for your purchasing pleasures at the February 1st show.

The SHOWS page has been updated and is filled to the brim with delightful events all month long.

One in particular I want to call your attention to: S.W.E. will be moving out of the area and plans to rock out
Friday, January 24th @ Rockhouse U.S.A
110 N. Lake St.
Aurora, IL.
They will be playing with Blank Verse and Naked Pictures of Chewbacca
If you can make it out, come support the guys!!

On Friday, February 28th the newest addition to the local music scene will make their debut performance at The Cancun in Ladd. 2 Guys, a Girl, and Egon's Unicat will take the stage for the first time, so please come check out this new band!!

And finally I am happy to announce that MYL records has an extreamly exciting new project underway! It is with great enthusiasm that I proclaim THE LOCALE as back in circulation for the first time since last year! The January Issue is being feverishly worked on now, and though it might be late arriving, it will be yet another milestone for MYL records.

I hope to see everyone in Aurora...and if not, then i WILL see you February 1st in Ladd.... its my UN-official birthday bash extravaganza!!

So many exclamation points...

love and unity,

December 30,2002
I hope that the holidays found everyone well and that spirits are high with hopes of a great new year! There is a whole lot to catch up on, so read up on all the current events below!

News for you to abuse:
Lenny broke his hand which has put an abrupt hault to Dublo Seven's recording over break. I know. Damn it. Mike Vittone has offered his services and is filling in nicely while the Len Man gets his hand working again.

The Hong Kong Electric Company got their Christmas Album released just in time for the holiday. It was recieved well and I am working to get some responses to the latest of the Hong Kong efforts. If you have heard it, tell us your thoughts! Also, there will be a review up in a few days that will cover the show on December 21th at CHEWY GUM Fest. If you missed it, then check back to find out how things went down. If you need to complete you collection of HKEC albums, then contact MYL and we will gladly sell you "A Hong Kong Christmas: New Years is Going to Be a Killer" for $2, though it might not be as sweetly gift wrapped as the first editions were.

Speaking of CHEWY GUM Fest, the 2nd annual charity event was a success! I commend all those involved in helping out. Not only was the show a great time, but there was also a nice community spirit glowing about. I believe all proceeds went directly to the P.A.D.S. organization and I am sure they appreciated the healthy donation around this time of year.

I hope that everyone has tried to keep themselves posted as far as all the shows that are comming up are concerned. There's been a lot happening this month, speaking of which, heads up (and thumbs up)to all the kids that set up and attended the show in Princton on Dec 20th. Tina Sparkle, rebekahs tape, The Odd Man Out, and Pope were very rockin'. I am actually having trouble keeping up with all that is going down in our ever growing and expanding music scene (if you will), so you all could help me out a lot by checking periodically at the SHOWS part of this website and dropping me a line if I am missing anything. I'd be much obliged. I'll put up anything music oriented, but you have to let me know!

In a last comment, I want to wish Joe Martin and his efforts in the steps to starting his own record label all the success and luck in the new year. If you ever need anything at all, no matter how big or small, please let me know Photo Joe. I look forward to the variety your new label will provide for the area and I hope to work with you on future projects. Best of Luck.

Finally I'd like to wish everyone a safe new year. I hope that you all look out for and take care of one another. 2003 is promising of a year filled with many great musical moments. I look forward to seeing you all soon. RoCk oN.

Peace and unity,

P.S. A Huge THANKYOU to Jamie Stone for helping out a certain record label get color copies made of a certain new christmas album at a reasonable, very reasonable, price!!!

December 2, 2002
I hope everyone had a delicious Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for you ask? Well, I am thankful for everyone that has supported MYLrecords, for all the bands that let us associate with them, and for all the kiddies that love the music that is made in the area!!! YAY!

Friday the 13th of Decemeber show is official:
The Amazing Kill O Watts (though i am not sure if "The Amazing" is still part of their name)
The Indecisives (for sure this time, ready to rock your socks.)
Dublo Seven (They blow.... their horns well.)
Rebekah's Tape (We know them, we love them.)
It's at The Cancun in Ladd. Starts promptly at 7:00pm. Five buckerooos is the cover. Make it out if you can. It should be rockin'.
Other news:
Dublo Seven began recording over Thanksgiving Break. ROCK!! It might take longer than we would all like, but just you wait. Its gonna rule.
A question:
Should JDBP record some songs and make everyone happy??? Reply by any means...e-mail, guestbook, messageboard.

peace and unity,


Hey! There was a great show that went down this past Friday at The Cancun in Ladd. The line up was: Mayfield (Palos Park, IL) Roulette (you saw them at the variety show), Clarity, and MYL's very own, Dublo Seven.
Even with MORE switching and adding and subtracting Dublo Seven still rocked the house.
There was an amazing turn out with tons of fresh faces in the crowd. Excellent. I took some photos but I fear it was too dark in the joint so we'll have to wait to see...
The Indecisives were supose to play but for reasons beyond anyones control they had to bug out, but we still love them and welcome them to play December 13th at The Cancun and encourage them to bring LOTS of copies of their fresh, new CD!!!
I apologize for not posting information prior to this past show. You can kick me the next time you see me.
I do however hope everyone has ample oppertunity to take off work, clear schedules and wash their socks in time for the Dec. 13th show where The Indecisives, Dublo Seven, Rebekah's Tape, JDBP and/or HKEC (pending availability) will be rockin' and rollin'
Things have been moving slow round these parts lately. I hope you can not hate me for my inapt updating.

peace and unity,

PS: I am interested in reviews that anyone is willing to send me regarding last weeks show!! Comments of any kind are welcomed! Send me some pictures too!!


I hope everyone is fairing well since last I wrote. I'd like to be the first to recognize Rebekah's Tape on their FIRST place win in the Minonk Police Department Battle of the Bands on October 5. Though it came as no surprise, R-tape rocks, we were extreamly proud and wish them sincere congratulations. Also Sean Walsh (of JDBP and HKEC) represented his talent, and the LaSalle Peru music area well with his acoustic set that won him a sweet third place. An accomplishment to say the least considering he was the only solo act of the day. Both Rebekah's Tape and Walsh recieved trophies for their superb display of talent. Rock on!
The highly anticipated L-P Variety Show was held last Monday and to no dissapointment Dublo Seven and new comers Roulette provided the rock and roll fix for the evening. Roulette was first to take the floor as they made their debut (as so many bands in the past have) at the variety show. They get a high five from this MYL girl and a thumbs up that they definatly have a lot of promising potential. Dublo Seven's opening march onto the floor created the mood for their two song set. An added bonus to the energenic dancing of horn player Andrew Kelly was the crowd's enthusiasm for the performance. A definate crowd pleaser, Dublo Seven once again showed that with each performace they mature as a band.
There are several shows that, pending availabilty and successful planning, will be taking place in the next month. * Nov 1st...The Cancun...Rebekah's Tape, Hong kong, SWE, friends oF boB... (line up not yet finalized)
* Nov 2nd...@ In Mr. Tripke's basement... Rebekah's Tape, Hong Kong, Dan Kelly

*******Nov 9th...Dublo Seven and The Indecisives (and more) in Naplate (more information to come)******

Other than that kids I have been trying to keep up on studying and working. The comp is slowly chugging along. A band from Streator called Clarity contacted me and I'm hoping that they too will like to contribute to the compilation. I hope that everyone stays healthy and happy.
send me pictures or write:

WoW, what an eventful night! The show that was scheduled to be at The Cancun in Ladd had to be abruptly moved to Mike Tripke's home in Oglesby. This turn of events was the result of The Cancun's owner failing to drop off the key to the place(he was in Chicago aparently). Because there was such a huge crowd, it was hard to have to turn everyone back home, but alas no one had to because Mike generously offered his basement as a place to have our show. So in congo line style, everyone piled into cars and vans, people offering rides to those with none, and we all followed each other to Oglesby. From my point of view there were aproximatly 21 cars, not including the lead vehicle that snaked from Ladd to Ogelsby. It was amazing sight to see. The show then was underway in less than an hour and good times were had. Rebekah's Tape, always a treat, rocked the house (litterally?) followed by The John Doe Beatdown Posse (unveiling a new song) and The Hong Kong Electric Company. The night ended most certainly on a high note with the legendary Dan Kelly reading two of his stories. It was a night for the books. I will be writing a full account of the evening in the future. Please check back soon for more reviews and thoughts from folks like YOU and I will try my damndest to get some photo's up. Please, feel free to use the chatboard to express your opinions!!
I'll leave today, teary-eyed saying that it was emotionally fullfilling to see the people come together last night. There was true unity... absolute unity keeping the scene alive and well...
Love and rockets,

Sorry it's been ages since I've updated the site. No excuse really. Anywho- I'm happy to report that POSiTIVE ROgER has been spotted at the Central States Baseball Tournaments this year, and it can be expected that they will be there all this week so be sure to go rock out in the park! [Summer time fun = PositIve RoGer]
WIN FEST went down Saturday, Aug. 3rd in Spring Valley and I think it was a success. Among others, Sean Walsh, a MYL family member, busted out some really great tunes (he even threw in a cover of LAWNMOWERS and some HKEC songs) and the always enjoyable Rebekah's Tape played possibly "every song they've ever written. Ever." And they played them well! They gave a really monster shout out to the new HONG KONG album and that was hip. Good Job to those who worked so hard to plan a nice day of music in the park, all in the name of charity. Thumbs up from MYL.
There are still HONG KONG AGAIN albums available for purchase {$4}. If you dont have any of the earlier releases of HKEC contact us and we can cut you a sweet deal. They are a must for the true HKEC fan.
The John Doe Beatdown Posse is still around. Dont fret, they are just waiting for drummer ZACH to get back from his anual summer vacation. He'll be home soon, and with his return they plan on recording a few tracks. YAY! Also :

August 16th
The Cancun
The John Doe Beatdown Posse
Commadore Nut

That's right kids, you read the line up correctly. This show will rock your socks. MYL records is excited. Really excited. If you dont come out to this show, then you are nuts. Straight up nuts.
Dublo Seven is in the same spot JDBP is-- Ian should be back sometimes this week, and then they can get their butts shakin and get their new line up and material in order.
I think I will personally demand that The Shadow Dancers record a second album, just because I think they need to. If you would like them to, send MIKE a letter telling him why.
Since we didn't get to have our SKOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER show this year... I'm thinking about a show now...
The Bored of Education Presents: SKooL RULZ
Fully equiped with MYLRecords pencils and patches for bookbags. Maybe? Hm, I need to work on this idea a bit I think... It could be fun though, and who doesnt LOVE fun?
Wow I'm am babbling. Take it easy, and I hope to see you at the park sometime this week!


Hey! It's been a crazy month with school starting, this college life, even if it is COMMUNITY COLLEGE LIFE, is rougher than expected. The show on Saturday September 21st will be a great way to see friends and let loose with some good times. I went to a show in Princeton this past weekend and I was impressed with the turn out. It was a wonderfully set up and the bands that played rocked and rolled. Good work! I hope that the promotion done there will help draw in some new faces. (Though I was accused of practicing "Free advertisment" by a rather unplesant girl who obviously didnt find the simple act of passing out flyers acceptable. MEH!) The street team now has an offical name. It is... Operation: Clone Abe Lincoln and I have the printed shirts ready for distribution! Right now we are working on an area comp that will feature one song from every band that wants to be on it. Gonna rock the socks. Oh and HKEC farmer hats are still available. Keep the peace, unity is what makes us stronger.

HONG KONG AGAIN. I just want to post if everywhere. Yell it from the roof top. Wear it on my shirt. Finally, after six, yes SIX months of recording, The Hong Kong Electric Company has completed and is releasing ther follow up album to "Digitally Gay". 51 tracks, 20 new songs, four little dollars. If you dont have $4, HKEC encourages you to beg for it from strangers, steal it from grandma, sell your body... whatever it takes so that you can have your very own copy of this masterpiece. Michael Vittone has been working like a dog to finish the last details of production and I couldn't be more thrilled that HKEC will actually meet the set date they had made. I can't rave enough about the quality! Every release MYL gets better! I could talk for hours about how wonderful each of the 51 monsterous tracks are... but that would be terribly boring. So instead I invite everyone to the release party at the Oglesby Pool on TUESDAY JULY 2 from 12-8:00. There you may purchase the album. If you cant come then, we will be back-packing the CD at the Firworks on Wed. so just track Michael, Sean, or me down then. Copies are in fact limited so dont wait to get one!!!
I know there must be more news, but it all seems to be in the shadows of this exciting new release!!
That's right, spray paint it on your neighbors windshield and tape it on people's backs.

*splash splash*

Yo, yo! AH, too much to tell! MYL bands had a big week as far as shows are concerned. Dublo Seven played twice at Oglesby Days--their performances only get better and better every time they play, JDBP had a technically difficult set on friday, however their energy and showmanship seemed unhampered (Note: when all else fails, DEATH METAL is the answer to all your problems.), and with the unfortunate accident S.W.E. memeber Jared Walters was in, the band was unable to play, and in their slot...thats right baby, HONG KONG. They tore up the stage, despite their lack of time to prepare their show. Which ussually takes weeks of planning was thrown together in hours and to this MYL girl it was a pretty solid set, complete with gladiator fighting. Though watered down for the unknowing folk of Oglesby The HKEC's show still managed to freaked out a number of squares. Dublo Seven and HKEC's performances that day are available on video.
There is talk of a MYL video to be released with a compilation of all the MYL bands performing as well as some practice footage, recording times in the studio and interviews. Sounds like fun? Yes. Also, for your added enjoyment there will be the stupid tricks we filmed people doing as they worked so hard to earn a Cover Your Ears CD. Hilarious.
HKEC is STILL working on their upcoming album. Each song recorded tops the previous. It will be a must for any HKEC fan.
Dublo Seven has added a tromboner player, Andrew, and has replaced drummer Roger with a new fella named Rex. They SAY that they are finally content and are now working and playing as one big happy band. YAY! Recording time in the studio has been pushed back so they can teach Rex their material. Understandable.
Soon, yes soon, I promise all you lovely kids that rocked in the park with us last year. The Shadow dancers + Sean Walsh are planning on playing all the parks this summer. I will keep you posted with dates and times. Its a really amazing experience if you can come out to see them play. I like to think that it's what summer is all about...
I've added pictures of the covers for all the MYL releases in the merch section. Check it out because it took me FOREVER.
As mentioned earlier, Jared of S.W.E. was in an accident recently. Though badly injured, he is doing better and the bands and everyone else here at MYL wish him the best in his recovery.
Summer lovin',

the hong kong electric company had a wonderful performance at the last show. It was a shame so few were there to enjoy it. Pat was back for the attack, and it was more apparent than ever how much HKEC really did miss and need him for true completion. There was a sofa bed available and Shasta soda for all. It was an excellent show, and I'll see if I cant get a review up sometime soon. I also have the set on tape so if you'd like to see it I can hook you up.
Dublo Seven and JDBP are both set to play at Oglesby Days on Wednesday. I believe the show starts at about 6:00pm, so be sure to make it on time.
see ya later tators,

PS. Please, use the chat board!! I promise you can talk about anything you'd like!!


Hey kids, there is a show this weekend! Come on out for an affordable good time! HKEC will be playing at about 8:00pm. The show starts at 7:00... you know what that means? That means Hong Kong isnt just an opening band anymore! Yea, so check it out. I heard they will be playing some stuff off of the highly anticipated "Hong Kong Again." If you just CAN NOT wait for the full length album to come out, there will be a sampler available at a reasonable price.
June 7th, 2002
The Cancun
Ladd, IL.
Hong Kong Electric Company*
Fetal Genius
Rebekah's Tape

The BIG SHOW is tomarrow! I'm sure I will see all of you there, because as you all probably know, the good ol boys of JDBP waited till the last minute to sell their tickets. They started off this morning having sold only 13 and by 12:00 tonight they'd sold over 50. SO! THANKYOU to all that purchased the tickets after we called you and/or visited you and/or stalked you so that you'd buy one, you rock! A special thanks goes out to my cool little sis that sold like 10 herself.
HKEC is in the studios and laying down some priceless tracks. I got to hear the three newly recorded songs yesterday and I was blown away at the spectacular quality. I also heard that there's going to be some guest appearances on this new album. HKEC is out for blood this time.
I've put up lots of new pictures and have done some hardcore updating. I really want people to start using and abusing the chat board. It could be some great fun. Go ahead, be obnoxcious! I'm also still looking for some street teamers. If you're interested let me know. Well, later kids. I'll see you all tomarrow at the show!

Yo! I've been working a lot to try and get things up to par. I just finished putting up some HKEC pictures. Only a few, man it takes soooo much effort for ONE silly photo, but I know you all appreciate them so much that it's worth it.
Word on the street:
Matt Storkman's having a show TONIGHT (Friday, May 17th) and it's gonna be fun! JDBP is to play sometime after 8pm. If you go, be cool about it and make sure you tell Matt happy birthday!

Listen Up: *-*The Hong Kong Electric Company is in the process of producing a new album under the working title "Hong Kong Again". *-*"Cover Your Ears" is being discontined to make way for the new summer compilation! *-*Sean Walsh is looking into releasing an e.p. *-*Shadow Dancers has recorded a new song *-* Dublo Seven should be in the recording studio of Mr. Mike next week!!!! *_* We still think Rebekah's Tape is FUN! ($5 worth!)

We've got lots of ideas in the works so be looking out for some new releases. Keep your ears open for the summer comp, it will be out and in your hands as soon as we can finish it!

Yo Yo. Dublo Seven's link to their site is now up and running so take a looksie if you feel so inclined. I want to get pictures up soon. I'm trying here kids, I swear!

The other night JDBP played at The Lounge. Though I didn't get to see them, because I am only 18...NOT 21, I heard it was a pretty tight set. Sometimes negative motivation can be the most effective.
"Hey, the people here think you guys are gonna suck."
"We'll give THEM suck." And then goes on to play a crazy, mad, awesome set.

I want to take a minute to do some local promotion:

S.W.E. has an 4-track albumn that they are selling for $1 (or $2)called "Loud Music for Tired Teens". It's pretty rockin' even if you're NOT a teen. If you want a copy you can e-mail Tim at While your at it, why do you just check out their web site:

Zero-Tolerance is also working hard to distribute their new 8-track albumn called "Agree To Disagree." This can be bought from any of the band memebers for $3. Can't find one? Just drop me a line and I will hook you up with the contacts.

Just wanted to fill you kids in on what is out there and available for you purchasing and listening pleasures.
Peace unity & cherry soda,

Hiya! I added an "Other Stuff" page where there will be all kinds of...stuff... on it, so everyone send us...stuff... to put there!
Reviews of the show last night will be up shortly.
I was very very very impressed with Dublo Seven! Congratulations dudes on your debut(kinda)!!!
HKEC's set was priceless. I've got it all on tape. Let me know if you want a copy.
JDBP kicked out some new tunes that rocked and they played all the favorites.

save the llamas,

Hey, JDBP has a new link set up that takes you directly to their official web page, so check er out!!
We'll be looking for you at the show on Friday, April 12th! If we like what we see, maybe you will get the hook up with some neat MYL stuff. PLEASE COME EARLY to check out HKEC! And then stay to catch the Dublo Seven set and stick around till late to party with the posse. (Pretty neat how I weaved party and posse together huh?) Sign our guest book too dam it!
Miss Bossy Herself,


Yo! There's a show comming up that's gonna rock your world! It's April 12 @ The Cancun in Ladd!!(HKEK, JDBP, Dublo Seven + more) 5:30 HKEC will play so get there early. $4 All Ages.

JDBP has been writing new material. Among other things, they've created two new songs, "FotoJo" and "So Dependant" as well as added a whole minute to "Jazz"! They've been getting alot of bookings so keep checking for show info!



Hey! Welcome to the new site! I gave up trying to fight the old system. I hope that you enjoy!!

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